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starship-design: Hardware/Software advice

I am looking for input on a couple of items. First of all, I need an
internal listserv capability, preferably something that supports dial up
accounts rather than requiring a direct connection and should run under
Windows 95 ( I know, I know), it would be nice if it would also allow me to
put up a full mail server in house eventually. I am looking at several
different programs including an NT variant of sendmail. If I have to I can
always devote one of the machines hear to Linux, but I would rather not.
Unless, of course David can convince me ....

Second, I need a dial up router that supports X2. K56 won't work. It does
not have to be a dual line (in fact I would prefer it wasn't, I can't afford
another phone line). It should support dial out access from a network as a
shared modem as well as fax support.

Lee Parker

                                                      (o o)

Steam ships were not created by mastering the technologies of sails and
riggings. Jet aircraft did not result from mastering piston-propeller
aircraft. Transistors were not invented by mastering vacuum tubes.
Photocopiers did not result from mastering carbon paper. And breakthrough
space drives will not be created by mastering rocket engines.

- Marc G. Millis