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Re: RE: starship-design: Depressing news

>In a message dated 1/27/98 7:33:06 PM, lparker@cacaphony.net wrote:
>>Uh-oh, that probably includes most of JPL's work on advanced engine designs.
>>Well, we'll just have to wait and see how much noise is made by the various
>>people/organizations who just lost their funding.
>>I still think we can do this without NASA.
>>Lee Parker
>Easier to do without them, then with them.
sender new on list (name: nels lindberg)
i saw the news too.  in a sad, bitter way, it's probably a good thing,
since it will focus nasa (which, as a slave to congress must operate in the
short term) to focus on the things which they can do in the short term,
such as the ISS etc.  since there is no need to demonstrate the effiaccy of
our rockets (read:ICBM's) we are unlikely to see a US-only return to the
moon, let alone a martian landing.  internat'l groups are likely to do so,
but the space station is the baby step which will (hopefully) lead to
private enterprise on the moon and international starships etc...
Nels Lindberg