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starship-design: Re: your web site

In a message dated 1/17/98 6:03:46 AM, you wrote:

>I have enjoyed visiting your site...have found much information for my 
> own enjoyment and ideas for future projects.
>Also, if intrested, I have for sale a three hour audio documentary that I
>written and produced available for sale. The documentary is entitled; "Watch
>Skies, The UFO Enigma. Contains some of the best sightings from the Center
>UFO Studies, Roswell crash and Abductions....plenty of interviews....
>This Project has won awards from the Associated Press, Association 
> of Independants in Radio, and the National Broadcasters Assoication. 
>Dale R. Caruso

Thanks, I'm glad you liked our site and found its materials interesting.  What
kind of ideas for future projects did it inspire?

As to you UFO documentary however I don't think I would be interested.
Frankly the UFO "enigma" seems a contradiction in terms, or a measure of
people lack of knowledge of what is in the skys.

Thanks again for you interest in our site.