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Re: starship-design: stuff

>Date: Sat, 10 Jan 1998 11:02:35 -0500
>To: Steve VanDevender <stevev@efn.org>
>From: "Ward R. Goodwin Jr." <wardish@mtinter.net>
>Subject: Re: starship-design: stuff
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>That proposes an interesting question.
>Is there any real difference between energy and mass?
>	As an object approaches c the mass approaches infinity.
>	Is this because the kinetic energy is the same as mass?
>My understanding of these states is at best limited...<G>  Please correct
me if and when necessary...
>At 08:58 PM 1/9/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>Paul Anderson writes:
>> > Well, IIRC, einstein theorized that to go FASTER than light would require
>> > an infinite amount of energy,
>>No.  As the velocity of an object with mass approaches c, its
>>energy increases without limit.  There is no physically
>>consistent interpretation of the physical properties of an object
>>that moves faster than c.
>>Before you new subscribers begin rehashing arguments that we're
>>already deeply tired of, PLEASE read the archives at
>>ftp://ftp.efn.org/pub/users/stevev/starship-design/.  For those
>>of you without a precise understanding of relativity theory, I
>>suggest _Spacetime Physics_, 2nd ed., by Taylor and Wheeler as an
>>excellent introductory text.
>>A succinct summary: The purpose of this list is to consider the
>>_engineering_ design of a craft that can reach Tau Ceti
>>(approximately 10 lyr away) carrying human explorers, to be
>>launched in 2050.  Because there is no current physical theory,
>>let alone engineering knowledge, that would allow for
>>faster-than-light propulsion, we are not considering designs that
>>involve any sort of faster-than-light travel.  If you think you
>>can come up with such a design, first you need a widely accepted
>>physical theory that would allow faster-than-light travel, such
>>that the properties of a faster-than-light propulsion system
>>could be extrapolated with enough detail to make an engineering
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