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Re: starship-design: stuff

Ha, I cought you!

YES, time slows down as you approach c, and AT c it stops! That's why a 
photon never ages. It can cross a billion lightyears in one moment (from 
the photon's point of view).
But as time stops at c, you cannot get beyond it!! Every process on board 
a spaceship would be frozen until the end of all time. No further 
acceleration, no coffee dropping to the floor.... 

So it's meaningless if time reverses beyond c, because from our point of 
live we can never reach beyond... (but as far as I remember, time does 
NOT go back; it's a bit difficult here)

On Fri, 9 Jan 1998, Mike Cross wrote:
> as you approach c, time slows.  right?
> if you break it, do you go backwards?  that's at least how I've been living my
> life up to this point.
> if you go c exactly, does time stop?  (Duh, reletively speaking, of course.)
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