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starship-design: Re: holidays


Xmas is past, time to get some of these Emails answered.
I Just finished another one of our 5 Emails.
A Dutch friend of mine was wondering if I was still alive, since I hadn't
answered within a day... He doesn't have vacation, so I guess his pace makes
me look slow ;-)

>>>Sounds interesting, and hectic!
>>Well, knowing myself I'll not hurry myself with hobbies.
>  ;)

Seems my C++ programming has to wait, the snailmail is a bit slow these
days. Even though the importer had the software package in stock, for some
reason they haven't been able to get it to my local store yet. My guess is
that I'll get it at the last few days of my vacation. Ah, what the heck,
sofar I had enough to do, to not notice that I already ate away one week of
my two week vacation.
I'm always amazed how seemingly inefficient my spare time is used. I guess
it has to do with the fact that one does new things (in contrast to most
jobs where you more or less repeat yourself). Of course there is some amount
of lazy time in between, but still. (Even writing a little bit of text like
this seems to take longer than you'd think in advance.)

>>>Oh, did you get the letter about my job trip to newark New Jersey?  Some of
>>>the lettersgot ate. (I'll tag it below just incase.)
>>Nope, never saw it before. Boy, did you have bad luck... or did you call it
>>upon yourself? I guess you shouldn't make hasty decisions about important
>>things like these.
>Very very true, something I was kicking myself for on the trip back.   I later
>found out that that company used to be ver respectasble, but over the last 2
>years has developed a nasty reputation for such actions.  Everyone who knew of
>them and read that letter said they never work with that company anymore.  
>NOW they tell me!

That always happens, no one tells you about their sores, unless you tell
them first.

>>I only wonder why that last guy took all that trouble to get you nowhere. He
>>could have told you to go home the first time. I wonder can't you sue him?
>>(He did hire you as soon as you said yes.)
>I'm looking in to that, at the least I'ld like to get the $708 dollars of
>expences the trip cost me.  I'll see.

My guess is that they already have dozens of trials on hold.

>>What about writing good old application letters to adds in the papers?
>The kind of jobs I do aren't often listed in papers (frustrating for me).

Actually I didn't mean just normal papers, I thought specialist journals did
have such adds.