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starship-design: Re: Solarfm

In a message dated 12/21/97 12:05:33 PM, you wrote:

>Holiday Greetings!
>I had a little question about your Lunar Institute of technology. Even though
>am 13 years old and only in 8th grade, I was wondering If I could become part
>the Starship disgign team. I know I dont have a Phd, or even a bachlor in
>yet, but if there is any way I could help in anyway for any of the starships,
>me know
>Have a happy Holiday! Write back soon!
>Solar Fm

You could join the discusion group and see if you have any ideas.  Just listen
in for a while and see if their is something you want to comment on or
research.  I'm afraid were not very organized, so I can't really give you an
asignment or anything.  The membership has droped lately, and is mainly
collage students or above, but PhD's were never a requirement.

Hope you find us interesting!