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RE: starship-design: What is safest?

On Monday, December 15, 1997 9:33 AM, Zenon Kulpa 
[SMTP:zkulpa@zmit1.ippt.gov.pl] wrote:
> >
> Yes, I agree that there are differences.
> As any analogy, this one is also not perfect.
> I wanted only to point out that the lack of possibility
> (or desire) to return back home from a mission
> does not nessarily mean that one must "want to die"
> in order to go for such a mission.

And I still think it is important that you consider the type of people who 
will most likely be going on this mission. The "crew" as opposed to the 
"scientists" of an exploration or outpost mission will mostly be people who 
have been living and working in space their whole lives. They will probably 
have a very different outlook on living in a ship or station orbiting 
another star for the "rest" of their lives. One star is as good as another 
you might say.

Historically, however, explorers always plan on returning. Colonists on the 
other hand, don't. We don't consider them to be suicidal...


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