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Re: RE: starship-design: One way (again...)

In a message dated 12/11/97 9:44:47 PM, david@actionworld.com wrote:

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>> Subject: 	Re: starship-design: One way (again...)
>> OTOH, if we saw intelligent life with interstellar capability, it
>> would be imperative we develop similar capability.  Even if the
>> aliens were "friendly", we'd be at quite a disadvantage if we lagged
>> behind in interstellar capability.  We must not allow a mineshaft gap!
>Well, while I agree this scenario would work, the problem for our
>purposes is that if this were a true event, and we could find that an
>intelligent species at interstellar distances had the capability for
>interstellar travel, we'd probably also be able to tell something about
>their means of transportation, which would give us hints as to which
>road to go down, technologically speaking.  Since this isn't happening,
>we really can't discuss the relative merits of alien technology on this
>David Levine  

First you coax them to come over and visit, they you steel their ship!  ;)