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Re: starship-design: Re: StarShip Design: Request and Questions

In a message dated 97-12-10 20:27:01 EST, kuo@bit.csc.lsu.edu writes:

<< Hydroponic algae do offer a potentially robust air recycling system,
 but this would require new research to develop into a working model.
 There's not enough data yet to know how effective and reliable this
 would be.  It is a low risk technology, though.
Agreed...... if we suddenly begin exploration of life on other planets, we
want to begin ASAP... not take trillions of hours intricately designing
reprocessed gases and all that. The design of the ship would probably be
relatively simple; long so that many things can be removed from the ship at
once, and flat on the top (Similar to an aircraft carrier) for
reconnisance...... sounds ok to me!