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Re: starship-design: One way (again...)

Timothy van der Linden wrote:

>You replied to David:

>>>I think the
>>>assumption was the remote detection of life-bearing planets in the
>>>target system, with a potential mission receiving large amounts of
>>>popular support.

>>That wouldn't be an extremely pressing reason to go, unless that
>>life included intelligent life which are developing or have
>>developed their own interstellar travel capability.

>Well, if that doesn't make the public crazy enough to donate a huge amount
>of money, then what does?

I hope it would be enough to "find" life on another planet, but...
...apparently it's not enough of a reason to go even to Mars.

OTOH, if we saw intelligent life with interstellar capability, it
would be imperative we develop similar capability.  Even if the
aliens were "friendly", we'd be at quite a disadvantage if we lagged
behind in interstellar capability.  We must not allow a mineshaft gap!

>The above chance may be extremely remote, but this forum after all is not
>meant to mirror reality that literally.
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