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Re: starship-design: Request and Questions

Hi Gertie,

>If a starship is constructed in space, then there should be a major decrease
>in the amount of fuel it requires. I am assuming that these ships would be
>taking off the ground. Depending on the mass, and length, the ship may break
>in two if the ship's rear boosters lifted it up. Some kind of front, middle
>and rear booster will be required to have it lift off the ground.  However,
>this is a big waste.

Why would you want to build the ship horizontally? What's wrong with the
good old vertical design? Rather than high and tall, you probably suggest it
to long and tall. You might as well make it just shorter and fatter (like a
tuna-can), although that probably means a bigger area to be shielded.
Anyhow, since we'll be needing a BIG propulsion system, it probably wouldn't
be such a bad idea to split some of that power over multiple outlets. Most
big rockets do have multiple engines anyhow.