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Re: RE: Re: Re: starship-design: One way (again...)

In a message dated 12/9/97 4:46:45 PM, david@actionworld.com wrote:

>I would agree, though, that in general there is liable to be a great
>deal more maintenance than we realize (in any rate, one should be
>prepared for it) - but I don't see how that has to be a limiting factor.
>I think it would be possible to have a design modular enough that
>repairs are not nearly as complex as they are today (i.e. refurbishing a
>space shuttle) - the problem would be creating the spares, but I think
>that if anything, the next 50 years will bring great advances in
>manufacturing automation and size.
>David Levine

Agreed.  Hell if it doesn't we'ld never be able to build and launch the ship
and support systems.  ;)