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Re: starship-design: What is safest?

In reply to Zenon:
>Generally, though, I am not some single-minded enthusiast
>of just the one-way missions. I want only to consider
>this mission type as one of the viable options to discuss
>calmly its pros and cons. What prompted my sometimes
>heated argument with Kelly on this issue was Kelly's
>constant labelling of one-way missions as "suicide" missions
>(which I think is simply wrong) and dismissing them
>as outright unacceptable on this ground.

I'd also not call it suicide, but I could imagine that the last years of
ones life would not be as comfortable as they would be on Earth. Certainly
not for those that survive the mayority of the crew.
Anyhow, this discussion is probably very close to the Earthly discussion
about euthanasia. Clearly there isn't a general concensus about that topic,
so it's no wonder that the discussion about one-way missions becomes a bit
heated every now and then.