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starship-design: Re: (no subject)

In a message dated 12/6/97 8:39:37 AM, you wrote:

>I'm a student frequenting the second year of Mechanics Engineering at
>Arcavacata's University U.N.I.C.A.L (ITALY,Cosenza).
>Both for passion and for study i decided to prepare a short dissertation
>about the motion of the Moon around  Earth, for the course of Classic 
>I would like represent mathematically the motion of our satellite
>(orbit,etc) delaing  first the two bodies problem and successively the
>one of three , considering the gravitational influence of Sun, and if
>possible perturbation and so on.
>I call you for help about Internet sities, publications and other on the
>subject; and over all advisements and precise data concerning daily
>distance from Earth,coordinate,etc.

Any I could think of would be in the LIT Library pages.  I'll CC the group and
see if they have other suggestions.