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RE: starship-design: Antiprotons

On Monday, December 01, 1997 3:40 PM, Ken Wharton 
[SMTP:wharton@physics.ucla.edu] wrote:
> Hey all...
> The week before last I went to the American Physical Society Plasma
> Physics conference in Pittsburgh.  I've been to the conference a few
> times, but this was the first year they actually had a special section
> on plasma thrusters for spacecraft.  Sure, it was thrown into a tiny
> room on the far end of the convention center, and there were only ten
> short talks, but it was something.
> Most of the talks, though, weren't really usable for interstellar
> spacecraft.  People are building small plasma thrusters for use on
> satellites, and some people talked about bulding large versions to get
> to Mars in 3 months instead of 6.  (Although one guy actually proposed
> building an enormous magnetic mirror spacecraft that, if everything
> worked perfectly, would still take 170 days to get to Mars!)  A large
> magnetoplasma thruster prototype has been built and people are doing
> actual research.
> However, there were a few talks that went into interstellar drives, and
> one in particular (from Penn State) sounded very interesting.  (That is,
> interesting in the sense that it might be possible to use the idea in
> the next 50 years)  The idea (which may have been discussed here
> already?) is to use small quantities of antiprotons to catalyze a hybrid
> fission/fusion pellet.
I've posted this here before, but here is a link to their web page for all 
who are interested. This is one of the few concepts I think has a real 
chance at succeeding...



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