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starship-design: RE: Moore's Law & Vinge's Singularity

Yeah, this is kind of what I was talking about - not that we're using
"Space Moore's Law" right now - after all, we really have not cheapened
access to space anytime recently.  Rather, I'm hoping that once we get
to a certain point (which may take a while) then space technology will
enter a positive feedback loop and just keep getting cheaper and cheaper
faster and faster.
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> From: 	L. Parker[SMTP:lparker@cacaphony.net]
> Now there is a way to shortcut this equation. At some point, heavy
> lift 
> access to the surface of the Earth becomes irrelevant. Space based 
> industry, once established can produce far superior products than can
> be 
> manufactured on Earth and probably do it for less money given the 
> availability of almost free power. So it may be sufficient to level or
> taper off at two or three magnitudes reduction in cost for planet to
> space 
> access.