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starship-design: Re: regarding fuel expenditures

In a message dated 11/10/97 1:10:00 PM, you wrote:

>Hello Kelly Stark,
>  One question for you.  Suppose you use a modified Ramjet fuel scoop
>concept where instead of relying solely upon it, rely on it to refuel
>the onboard tanks.  In other words, instead of a steady accelleration,
>why not figure on spurts of accelleration and deceleration?
>       Hal

Sorry for the delay, been busy.

The problem with the ram scoops is that you are slowed down more by the drag,
then any interstellar fuel scooped up could possibly make up for.  You would
save fuel buy not needing to accelerate the whole fuel load at once, but the
drag and weight gain from the scoop would blow the advantage.