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RE: starship-design: Space Money

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> Think about it.  A space shuttle costs about a billion dollars a bird
> to buy,
> and about the same per flight to operate.  The yearly shuttle flight
> expences
NASA's budget for the shuttle program averages around 3 billion a year
for both operations and safety and performance upgrades.  Assuming six
flights a year, this averages to half a billion a flight.  Now, this is
still an awful lot of money - but's it's not a billion.  Actually, in
1996 there were eight flights, making the cost-per-flight $375,000,000.

Although it usually never carries this much, the shuttle can carry up to
around 45,000 lbs (i.e. STS-70, which launched the last TDRS).  If we
maxed out each shuttle flight, we'd get around $8,333 per pound.  That's
a lot of money.  The average flight carries around half that weight,
doubling the cost.

Ref.: http://www.hq.nasa.gov/office/codeb/budget/shuttle4.html
(LOTS of cool information)

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