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starship-design: Re: Involvement in The Starship Design Project.

Hi Mike.
Glad you liked the web site.  

(no I don't have a PhD.)

As for joining, No degree required, we're an open discusion group open to
about all.  On the web page their should be a entry field to subcribe to the
mailing list.  Once on the list our discusion mail will forward to you also.
 If you respond to starship designs (see mail list) your messages will
forward to others in the group.  Beyond that is open to negotiation.

Kelly Starks

In a message dated 10/31/97 2:06:23 AM, you wrote:

>I am sending this email to you (Dr.? Kelly Starks) in an attempt to find
>out what kind of credentials I would need in order to become involved in
>your project.  Maybe if I gave you a little bit of information on myself
>that would assist you in your response.  I am currently completing my
>undergraduate degree in astrophysics.  I have completed the following
>series of math and physics courses at my local university:
>   * Advanced Algebra
>   * Trigonometry
>   * Analytical Geometry
>   * Differential Calculus
>   * Integral Calculus
>   * Infinite Series Calculus
>   * Ordinary Differential Equations
>   * Matrices & Vector Analysis
>   * Non-Calculus Based Physics (Newtonian Mechanics)
>   * Calculus Based Engineering Physics (Newtonian Mechanics)
>Also I have a detailed  non-mathmatical understanding of the following
>astronomical concepts which may be applicable to the project:
>   * Black Holes--singularities, event horizons, white holes, etc...
>   * Stellar evolution
>   * Supernovae Type I & II
>   * Stellar classification
>   * Mass/Luminosity Relationship
>   * Special Relativity (some mathematical understanding here) time
>     dilation, mass increase, Lorentz length contraction
>   * General Relativity--Principle of Equivalence, warping of space-time
>     by mass/energy, gravity as a consequence of curved 4 dimensional
>     space-time.
>   * Blue sheet effect (the elimination of the possibility of white
>     holes)
>   * Quantum Mechanics--quantum connection, action at a distance,
>     quantum tunneling, wave functions & probability densities, quantum
>     uncertainty
>   * Baby Universes as proposed by Dr. Hawking
>   * Wormholes
>These are probably the most applicable concepts in astronomy to your
>project.  I have become fascinated by the study of different propulsion
>techniques to make interstellar travel even somewhat plausible within
>the next century.  I did a relativistic analysis of the so called
>Bussard Ramjet for my calculus-based physics class and I have been
>hooked on the whole idea behind your project ever since.  As of now I
>have reviewed numerous proposals for starship design ranging from the
>ramjet (and it's modified versions) to solar/laser/particle beam sails.
>Dyson's gravity machine was also an interesting, if somewhat implausible
>proposal.  I loved your project web site and will return often.  Any
>response will be deeply appreciated.  Even if I can't get involved in
>the project directly because of lack of schooling I would like to help
>in some other capacity.  Let me know if there's anything I can do to
>help you with the project!

>From: michael lance allen <lance@utah-inter.net>