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starship-design: FW: SpaceDev / NEAP alert

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From:	Jim Benson [SMTP:Jim@SpaceDev.Com]
Sent:	Thursday, October 23, 1997 5:23 PM
To:	Space@SpaceDev.Com
Subject:	SpaceDev / NEAP alert


I thought you might be interested to know that the world's first 
commercial space exploration company has gone public. Our trading symbol 
is PSDM on the Over The Counter market (OTCBB:PSDM). Our news release can 
be found at:


Our first mission is the Near Earth Asteroid Prospector (NEAP). 

I hope you will take an interest in us, and support our efforts to open 
space for all of humanity, by giving everyone an opportunity to 


Jim Benson

P.S. Please forgive me if you received more than one announcement. Many
people have expressed different types of interest in SpaceDev and/or
NEAP, and we have tried to keep our various lists under control :) 

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