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Re: starship-design: FW: SSRT: Space Access Update no. 77 (fwd)

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>My own added comments:
>This is the one "backup" program that should not have been cut. It is not 
>just a crucial defense technology (even my six year old son understands the 
>importance of controlling the high ground) but it was the single program 
>outside of NASA's influence that seemed to have a chance of producing real, 
>beneficial technological advances. By cutting this program, for whatever 
>reasons, Hamre has just hamstrung America's chance to maintain its 
>technological lead in space research.
>Lee Parker
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> - Air Force "Spaceplane" Startup Funding Line-Item Vetoed


Just what we need, a DOD exec who wants to keep space access expensive and
rare for reasons of national security!