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starship-design: Re: life

In a message dated 10/7/97 3:57:44 PM, you wrote:

>Can you tell me where I might find information about possible biologys not
>on earthly norms? Such as liquids other than water, gases other than oxygen,
>based on some element or chemical other than carbon? Very high temp., or
very low
>temp.? Does anyone have any  reserch or speculations on any of these
>If you you have thoughts or ideas along these lines and would like to pass
>on to me or discuss them via e-mail please feel free to do so. Thanks in
>for any help you can give me. 
> Michael

Sorry, I don't have any addresses off hand.  But lots of folks have
speculated on it.  The Discovery channel ran an interesting show on possible
forms for aliens in the last week.  Perhaps their web site lists links?

Kelly Starks