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Re: starship-design: My two cents (was Re: Battleship Galactica?)

Steve VanDevender wrote:
> Kyle R. Mcallister writes:
>  > Note to physicists: Don't repeat the causality-problems
>  > with tachyons. Sagan, Drake, Orgel, Kardashev, et al have speculate on
>  > this. I think I can too.
> Apparently they (and you) were speculating without bothering to check
> their physics.  Aside from the causality problems, a quantum mechanical
> analysis of tachyons shows that they can't be used for FTL
> communication:  either a tachyon travels FTL, but doesn't interact with
> our universe, or it doesn't travel FTL.

I did not know this. Can you reccomend where I could get information on
> Authority counts for nothing in science.  Just because an authority
> speculates about something doesn't mean it's true.

I suppose thats true. It was just an example though.