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starship-design: Re: broken links

In a message dated 10/1/97 6:15:21 PM, you wrote:

>A few minor questions...  besides a few broken links, which is explained
>by the under construction image, I thought I might reccommend to you
>that you get the brochure up ASAP, because there really isnt much
>expalining the LIT or what it does in detail.  Being a web page author
>myself, that page would have been one of my priorities.  I would like to
>know a little more about LIT and was wondering who I should contact,
>and/or if the brochure will be up soon.
>	-Sean Eilert

I'll forward your comment to the group, but I'm afraid what you see is what
we've got.  Also we're kinda stalled on working on the site on the moment.

Sorry for the confusion and any annoyance.