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starship-design: Game Help

I got this email recently.  Please feel free to response directly to Mr.
Fischer (I've asked him and he said that would be great).

Being a game designer myself now, it could be inappropriate for me to
help out!



  Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 15:28:04 -0500
  From: Ian Fischer <IFischer@EnsembleStudios.com>
    To: lunar@sunsite.unc.edu

Hello, Dave:

My name is Ian Fischer and I'm a game designer with Ensemble Studios of
Dallas (developers of the soon to be released Age of Empires; see
http://www.ensemble-studios.com/games/index.html for details.)  I am
currently working on a hard science fiction strategy game design and
from time to time, I seek out people with scientific backgrounds to
review my work (mostly to look for glaring technical mistakes) or offer
opinions and ideas.  I came across your site the other day, was
impressed with the level of creativity and scientific knowledge
exhibited there, and though that participating in this sort of thing
might be something that you (or some LIT members) might be interested in
doing.  I'll spare you the reams of legal jargon required in the event
of actual participation until you notify me of any interest -- until
them, please feel free to email me with any questions.

Ian  M.  Fischer
Assistant Game Designer


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