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RE: starship-design: Extrasolar Planets Sites

On Wednesday, September 17, 1997 12:55 PM, AntonioCTRocha 
[SMTP:arocha@bsb.nutecnet.com.br] wrote:
> Helo Lee,
>   Alas, my browser (Ntescape 4.2) kept hanging during some initial Java
> applet there. Must be the ungodly mess of  real-time widgets my machine
> runs.
> Did manage to access the directory, however, and found my way to Jean
> Schneider's Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia, which opened doors onto the
> rest.
>   Lots of wonderful links with lots of useful stuff.
>   Thanks for the tip.
>                     Antonio

Too bad you weren't able to get into the site itself. It is very heavy 
graphics which may have been part of your problem. Real-time widgets? What 
the heck are you running? I can count the number of people with real-time 
systems, most of them are NASA or CIA.