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Re: starship-design: New Drive design

In a message dated 9/17/97 3:12:26 AM, stk@sunherald.infi.net (Kyle R.
Mcallister) wrote:

>Here it is: (Message from Frank Howard, used with permission)
>If you swing a mass on a string around in a circle, the mass is pulled
>outward by centrifugal force.  The swinging of the mass in a circle
>an angular acceleration on the mass pulling it outward.  The angular
>acceleration [feet/second squared] is equal to angular velocity
>[radians/second] squared times the radius [ft.] of swing.  The
>force [lb.] outward equals the mass [lb.sec.sq./ft.] times the angular
>acceleration [ft./sec.sq.].  -----

<sigh>  At best he's reinvented the flywheel, but wraped it in so much
equation b.s. that its hard to recognize.  Definatly the sign of an idiot.
 Hopefully he's not in an important position at NASA.