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starship-design: Re: ul-c

In a message dated 9/8/97 1:23:18 PM, you wrote:

>Mrs. Starks,
>I was wondering if you could e-mail me some information on the latest 
>space propultion theories and if at all posible if you could send me an 
>old copy of Technical Report R-277 which was released in the 50's.  I'm 
>not exactly sure what is in the report but all I can tell you is that  
>it may contain the answers to some old questions.  I'd appretiate any 
>help you can give me.

Well its Mr Starks, and I don't have any specific access to Technical reports
(if they are government reports you could contact the government pronting
office or a gov printing store in your area).

As to theories of space propulsion.  Ignoring speculations by physists, were
still stuck with rockets.  Several types are being kicked around.  Nuclear,
Fusion electric, plasma, solar thermal.  Books have been written about them,
so the questions a little open ended for a E-mail.  What's your specific