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starship-design: FTL understood

To all, but especially Isaac and Steve,

I'd like to thank you for the help you gave me for a closer understanding of
relativity. Although you couldn't help me all the way through using Email,
you took me just that little bit further so that I could help myself.

The last week I've been quiet on SD due to a busy week, but also because I
spent time to work on that closer understanding about relativity (combined
with FTL).

It's hard to describe what exactly pulled me over the hill, but I think that
studying space-time diagrams has given me the most satisfying insight.

After having played with these space-time diagrams and having thought long
and hard about several implications, I indeed can see that sending signals
back in time may be possible when FTL is possible.
A ship that can travel FTL (and that can travel at sublight speed no matter
how slow) can travel both anytime and anyplace.
Whether this will cause a paradoxes will depend on how one believes that
past, present and future are linked.

Even today there are already many theories of how these three are linked and
likely their number will increase as time goes on.