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Re: starship-design: One more try...

L. Parker wrote:

>> Wrong, to say B isn't possible because D isn't is the same thing
>> as saying the square root of -9 isn't possible because the square
>> root of -1 isn't possible.  It's skipping a lot of steps, but the
>> two situations _are_ basically the same.

>As I said, I wasn't disagreeing with his conclusion, just his method. I 
>stand by my analysis of the arguement however, at least I got the signs
>correct, yours doesn't even match what he said (even though it may be 

Umm...I carefully chose those signs to point out the flaw in your
example.  My point is that as he said, the two situations are
basically the same.  His only "error" was one of omitting all the
intermediate steps that demonstrate it.
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