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Re: starship-design: Many things...

In a message dated 8/28/97 1:02:13 PM, stk@sunherald.infi.net (Kyle R.
Mcallister) wrote:

>Why when you are travelling FTL, does causality violate in only some
>reference frames? 
>Why would a preffered reference frame eliminate this problem? 
>Have we measured Time dilation directly? Speed (.01C+) 
>What if you carried your light/lightcone with you at FTL, in a way that
>eliminates TD and Lorentz contraction? 
>What if you were in an alcubierre ship, travelling FTL, and your power
>source died? Would you eliminate? 
>What causes Centrifugal force EXACTLY?

Inertia.  Your still traveling forward and the centrafuge floor made a sudden
turn.  You have to accelerate in toward the center of the centrifuge to keep
up with the floor.

>What causes inertia EXACTLY?

NO one knows.  Physisists would really like to know about that, or kinetic
energy, or mass.  Might be due to an interaction between space time and the
particals of an object.  Might not.

>Is it at all possible that there is something we have yet to find which
>would provide a loophole for FTL? (not by 2050)

Of course.  We might figure it out next week.  Or might never find it.

>Kyle Mcallister
>Here's a dreadful thought: what if someday at .99999+C we find out that
>Einstein was wrong there? Bad news for timetravel.