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Re: Re: starship-design: FTL idea

In a message dated 8/25/97 12:29:41 PM, jimaclem@juno.com wrote:

>Sorry I have'nt posted in a while, been busy getting children ready to
>start school and sick family members.  I've been perusing this thread on
>FTL travel, and I have a question.  My relativity is'nt what it should
>be, but all this talk of causality violations brings to mind objects
>travelling faster than sound.  Now I know that this is'nt quite the same
>thing, but, could these causality violations just a result of limited
>sensing ability, ie, our sensors work only a light speed, but our (ships,
>torpedoes, comm systems) work FTL.  Kind of like seeing an explosion
>before you hear it.  Help me out here.
>Jim C.

Kind of depends on your point of view.  Obviously to those in the FTL ship
time seems to go in the same direction.  Just the outside seems to going
backwards until they slow down.  From a certian point of view all cause and
effect is going normally.  But from the stay at homes point of view you
reported back before you let.  Teribly confusing.  Especially if you warn
yourself what not to do on the trip before you go.

More than likely, nature is less disrupted by this then we are, and only
stable future pasts will not self cancel.