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starship-design: Fwd: The Speed of Light - A Limit on Principle ?

Isaac can probably debate against that paper better than I can.  Giving
up the notion of absolute time seems to be one of the hardest obstacles
many people have to effectively understanding relativity and accepting
its consequences.  The bulk of sci.physics.relativity is kooks
presenting Yet Another Theory Showing that Relativity is Wrong and
Absolute Spacetime Exists, and people telling them why they're wrong,
assuming the kooks have enough of a theory to even be worth criticizing
(who was it that said "That's not right.  That's not even wrong"?).

I am somewhat intrigued by the notion that "concave" spacetime somehow
allows one to get FTL without causality violation, despite the universe
probably being "convex", but haven't seen enough details on the concept
to really understand it.