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Re: starship-design: Signature

Kyle R. Mcallister wrote:

>What does the signature file at the end of your messages say?

 "Mari-san...  Yokatta...
  ...Yokatta go-buji de..." - Karigari Hiroshi

 "Mari... Thank goodness...
  ...Thank goodness (you) are safe..." - Hiroshi Karigari

It's just a quote from my favorite romantic comedy, "My Dear Marie".
The main character, Hiroshi, is sort of a nerd/mad scientist who had
a crush on Mari, so naturally he built an android modelled after her
and even gave the android the same name!  In the scene I quoted,
Mari had just fallen from a ledge by a waterfall which she was going
to commit suicide off of, but she managed to grab onto a tree root.
Hiroshi, the idiot he was, tried to save her even though he was on
the other side of the waterfall.  He yells that quote out to her
while he plummets.

>P.S.: I found that paper by Pfenning and Ford. Why 10^33Mgalaxy of mass

I don't understand all the details myself.  However, Pfenning and Ford
make certain assumptions about how difficult it would be to create
negative matter if we could, so it's not impossible that there actually
is some really really easy way to get the stuff.
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/___________\ "Mari-san...  Yokatta...
\=\)-----(/=/  ...Yokatta go-buji de..." - Karigari Hiroshi