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starship-design: FTL

So you're saying that if I dissapear an object completely, light,
energy, mass, everything, and then reappear it somewhere else faster
than light can get there from the sender, it violates causality and
travels back in time? Why? I't wasn't even in our universe any more. I
figure if you could surround your vessel with an event horizon and
maintain your ship stationary, while moving the horizon its in to a
distan position FTL, causality isn't violated. I guess we won't know
until we try it.

If I travel 1600 light years in 2 years (FTL) of earths reference time,
how much time passes aboard the ship? How far back in time do I go? (in
earth's reference time)?

If there was a way to generate an alcubierre field around my ship, and
send it FTL, would this eleiminate the need for 10^33Mgalaxy of exotic

If you were disconnected from our reality, and travelled FTL, would
causality violate?

Kyle Mcallister