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starship-design: FTL and current physics


Alcubierre DID NOT say that the amount of exotic matter had to be larger
than the universe. (Even if so, no problem when you have 10^94g/cm of
negative energy density every where...don't ask. You don't want to

I would like to know why assymetrical inertia is physically impossible.
I don't see why it would be. And for God's sake, don't send the
resposnse as a nasty comment.

Have any of you stopped to think about something just a bit possible: we
know less than there is to know? Newton works at low speed. He flunks at
high speed, and Einstein takes over. Who is to say that it ends there?
Maybe Einstien flunks at FTL, and ??? takes over. Maybe there is some
other law or something we don't yet know that permits FTL non-causality
violating. Lets drop this argument right here: FTL is impossible with
current physics. No additions, no subtractions. Just that.