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Re: starship-design: combined fuel-track/electron beam ?

Timothy van der Linden wrote:
> Hi Kevin,
> You had a thought:

yeah, and it almost died of lonliness  ;)

> >1) give the fuel pellets a net positive charge.
> To accelerate the pellets by electrical means?

Yes, partly, but also to help the ship draw them in.

> >2) accelerate the pellets with magnetic and electrical means
> >3) launch the fuel so that the fastest part is launched first.
> Why?

so that at any given moment, the fuel is in front of the ship, and the
electron beam is behind it.

> >4) as the ship launches, beam electrons at it.
> To make the ship attractive for the pellets?

Also to have an energy input and to cancel the net positive charge you
would be accumulating.

> Timothy

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