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Re: starship-design: FTL idea


>Causality violation:
>Stephen Hawking has speculated that at FTL speeds, particle-antiparticle
>anhialations dampen out chronal distortions, thus preventing causality
>violation. Perhaps FTL IS allowed in this way, preventing causality
>violation. In effect, the "naughty" part of your trip is prevented from
>creating CV's since it is hidden behind an event horizon.

I still don't understand why FTL creates causality problems. FTL doesn't
mean going back in time, it just means that you can get a places before
others can. For that matter you can't kill your mother before you are born
even if you can travel FTL.

>P.S: If two objects APPROACH, each one travelling .99C, what is their
>combined velocity of approach? Is this done the same way as the regular
>velocity addition?

Ken gave you the relative velocity, which is what a person on one of the
objects would measure. For an observer to wich one objects is coming from
the right with 0.99c and one from the left with 0.99c, it is just a matter
of normal addition: The objects close eachother with 1.98c (If they are 1.98
lightsecond apart, it will take 1 second untill they collide.)