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Re: starship-design: Black holes and the rocket equation

L. Parker wrote:
> Let's nip this one in the bud early on, do you guys want to make a stab at
> guessing the MASS of a black hole? Tell me how you are going to get enough
> thrust out of the black hole to MOVE it....
> Lee

That's easy. You get thrust by feeding the hole, it then moves forward.
If you have built a variable angular acceleration engine driven with
particle superconducting acceleration, It's easier, and can be
reactionless since you now have a braking system. You can also use the
black hole as a power source for an engine (see my GIF below). If anyone
says that this is a perpetual motion machine, they know very little
about physics. (Sure it would last hundreds of years, but so do
planetary orbits!!). You could also use this to create a differential
field propulsion system, where you fall into a frontal gravity well.
Black holes are just powerful enough to do this. Many other things that
could be done. E-mail me if interested.

Kyle Mcallister

GIF image