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starship-design: Web sites

Timothy van der Linden wrote:
> Aaagh,
> Why do more than half of the links on SD-urlybird not work?
> Like: Newsletters, Computer Services, Reference library
> Whoaa, Sunsite has the same problems.
> (And Steve's site is as usual quite slow or not accesable (at least from the NL)
> This is bad advertisement guys... Site like that usually make me leave
> faster than I came.
> Timothy

Sorry to take so long to get back on this, I am very busy with two other
clients, but starting Sept. 1st I will begin cleaning up and re-doing
parts of http://www.urly-bird.com/LIT/  I hope to add a searchable mail
archive, and a message board.  but first order is getting the links all

One thing I think we should do for sure is make a FAQ.  I keep seeing
the same letters every time we get a new member.  The same
explanations.  I also think we need to have a vote on what technologies
and physics are acceptable (or maybe just have a separate message board.
hmmm...)  Not to come down hard on any particular members, but "This
might work / That'll never work" arguments are not very productive.

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