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Re: starship-design: Long range fuel tankers

On Sun, 27 Jul 1997 20:23:49 +0100 TLG.van.der.Linden@tip.nl (Timothy van
der Linden) writes:
>No can do... :)
>What would be the velocity of such tankers when you catch them?
>If as you suggest they are behind the ship, then they'll need similar 
>velocities to be there at about the same time. I could show math but 
>really feel like it.
>Take for example one of the last tankers, they'll have to move with
>velocities of say 0.1c. In other words they will take at least 40 
>years (if
>not 100) to get there; We can't wait that long during deceleration.
>If as has been proposed earlier, you sent them in advance, you'll have 
>start that same time in advance. 40 or 100 Years has been considered a 
>time for such a project, both for changin technology and political and
>social willingness.
>And ignoring all that, it has been suggested that these tankers may 
>not stay
>neatly in line during their long travel.
>All in all the disadvantages probably outweigh the energy savings of 
>Don't you hate this debunking ;)
Fair points all.  Okay, why not launch tankers fast enough to catch the
ship during the flight, building up a fuel reserve to decelerate with? 
The structure required to hold the fuel would not add greatly, especially
since there is no sail.

Let me know.