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RE: starship-design: Starwisp page


>Geoffrey Landis knows more about space technology than all of us put together.
>In fact, he discovered some of the things we have discussed here. But you can
>always ask, he seems to pay a fair amount of attention to sci.space.tech where
>he frequently schools us in the errors of our ways.

This sci.space.tech, what is it about? Is it mainly about current day tech,
or is there also some speculation about future tech going on?

I did some more checking and discovered at least on letter from Landis in
the SD archives. He has been a member before...

BTW. I always get an attachment like this from you:

>Attachment Converted: D:\REstarsh

When I look at the file, it is more or less garbage (probably compressed).
What is it and why do you add it?