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starship-design: Kevin's theory

Warning severely off topic message: (costs one "out of jail for free" ticket)


>The basic idea is that gravity is produced by our space-time's
>deceleration in a spatial fourth dimension.

I'd say a fifth dimension (x+y+z+t=4)

>In fact, they are just sliding down the curved 2-D
>spacetime.  perhaps Einstein was more right than he knew, gravity and
>acceleration are indistinguishable because gravity *is*

Not quite, gravity is deceleration in the dimension that we cannot easely
access. But because the mass curves the normal dimensions into that extra
dimension, the deceleration is not perpendicular on the normal dimensions
Since it is not perpendicular, part of that deceleration is transformed to
the normal dimensions.

<Lots removed>

>How likely is this, can a mathmatical model be derived which would
>refute or support this model.  Are there any predictions one could make
>about such a universe that would be at odds with our own?  

Most things can be modeled into mathematics, including this one.

My prediction is:
While most of the time the surface is decelerating, there must have been a
time (the big bang) that it accelerated very fast.
In that time, we would only have had anti-gravity: all mass lies on the top
of hills and doesn't roll up the hill.

I'm not sure if your theory gives insight or not. It takes a while to sink
in (took me hours during several days).

It might have helped if you'd found some spectacular (read "not expected")
things. Sofar I found that antigravity existed during the Big Bang.
If you can find more prediction and figure out a way to test them, then your
theory is worth notifying.