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starship-design: Re: The Device

Sorry Kyle, I'm making a mess of things. By now you've this letter in triplet.


Clearly your design is trying to close in the magnetic field.
And as a result you measurements acknowledge that.
The only logical place for the magnetic field to escape (or better to
complete the loop), are the seams where the triangles connect.

Actually not only the seams leak, but the whole tetrahedron:
Only the seams will show a concentrated southpoles, but the northpoles (the
triangles themselves) will be weakened by part of the southpoles of the
"opposite" electromagnet. (They are of course is not a real opposite in a
tetrahedron, but at least something close to it.)

To simplify your design:

It exists of two coils, that are glued at the ends of a short tube (more
like a ring).
The coils will try to cancel one another out, but don't succeed for 100%,
the percentage that is left over will leak through the wall of the tube,
which has only a small surface compared to the whole design and therefore is
easy to miss.

Try measuring the seams as well as you can, you must notice some wiggeling
of the compass there.