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Re: starship-design: Re: magnetic monopoles

L. Parker wrote:
> Kyle,
> If you simply wait a little while you will find that your spherical dipole will
> quickly realign its magnetic fields to produce two EXTERNAL magnetic poles. ANY
> groups of magnets that are truly joined (fused) into a single magnet show this property. The charge distributes (redistributes) itself evenly over the new
> magnet. Even temporarily, a sufficiently sensitive mapping of the magnetic force
> lines will reveal the presence of the (temporary) interior magnetic field.
> As Timothy said, you must test and test again before you announce a new
> "discovery". Science is replete with miraculous new discoveries that turned out
> to be something else entirely. However, do not lose hope, just because one idea
> doesn't work is no reason not to try the next one, sooner or later....

Actually, its not made of magnets at all. I promise, I'll post the data
soon (tommorow).