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RE: starship-design: PseudoScience?

Kyle and Zenon,

Kyle, could you please find a mail editor that is not a text attachment device? It is like you are coming through a bulletin board system and I know there are plenty of on line systems in your area, I'm in your area. It is real hard to quote you when all I get is a text attachment, it takes a lot of cut and paste activity, and I have to work for a living, I DON'T have the time.

Zenon, in regards to:

>I still say this: No one has propelled a macroscopic object up to near
>99.999+ lightspeed, with an inboard propulsion system, and seen what
>happened. As Steve pointed out, actions on the quantum level don't
>necessarily apply to the material world. Who knows? Maybe the limit on
>material objects (unlikely) is 50%C. As said: show me the evidence.

This argument is specious, it works both ways, BECAUSE no one has accelerated a macroscopic object up to 99.999+ lightspeed (or even close) we don't have any idea what the limits, if any, are. I can think of at least one line of argument that PROVES there is no such thing as the speed of light. Of course, like everything else it is merely a mathematical proof and it is subject to revision according to experimental evidence of which there isn't any.

Kyle, this brings us back to the point that Steve, Timothy, Zenon, and Kyle keep hitting on. You have not provided ANY facts in the way of a demonstrable, repeatable experiment that another scientist or engineer can duplicate. If you want to be believed, WRITE IT DOWN. If we can't duplicate the experiment, we will find somebody who can. As you yourself pointed out, NASA is interested and I (and Kelly) have friends there. If you can delineate your experiment so that it can be repeated by others and tested for alternative explanations, then it will be accepted. It may take awhile, but the system works. As Steve and Zenon have said, simply screaming "conspiracy" makes you less credible, not more.

Lee Parker

                                                          (o o)
"I am afraid the knockabout comedy of modern atomic physics is not very 
tender towards our aesthetic ideals. The stately drama of stellar evolution 
turns out to be more like the hair-breadth escapades in the films. The 
music of the spheres has a painful suggestion of -- jazz." 

-- Arthur S. Eddington, Stars and Atoms, 1926. 

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