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Re: starship-design: Re: magnetic monopoles

Zenon Kulpa wrote:
> Are you satisfied by my analysis?

> The problem is, you did not describe your design in enough
> details so that one can attempt a proper analysis.
> Timothy's design was a (probable) guess, but since you
> did not dismiss it, I have considered it valid
> and hence worth some analysis.
> Before that, your claim could be dismissed only on general grounds
> (you cannot make a monopole from dipoles...),
> or using the First Skeptical Rule of Thumb:
> if it is that simple, it should have been invented long ago...
> Both ways it is not foolproof disproof (nice phrase, indeed),
> and you somehow seemed offended by our skepticism...

No, I wasn't offended. Email makes it hard to distinguish moods. I'll
send the schematics later on (sometime this evening). It's not
spherical, and probably isn't a monopole, but it is useful in some ways. 

> > So, once again, I'm not a pseudoscientist.
> >
> That is good news, really...
> And proves my definitions were of help too  ;-)

Your defenitions were quite helpful indeed. I am new, so I need pointing
in the right direction on occasion.