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Re: starship-design: Re: magnetic monopoles

Zenon Kulpa wrote:
> PS. Concerning scientists, professionals, and amateurs:
>     The though experiment and analysis done above is just what
>     should be made by a scientist (or professional) BEFORE he/she
>     goes into the open announcing the discovery of some as yet
>     unknown effect or device (like a monopole).
>     If one announces the discovery BEFORE making thorough
>     mental analysis and experimental testing (also followed
>     by thorough analysis, interpretation, and explanation
>     of the obtained results), he/she is an amateur.
>     And when he/she at the same time claims it to be scientific
>     fact (wrongly suppressed by "hard scientists") -
>     he/she is a pseudoscientist.
>     Hope it helps.  -- Z

I did not announce it as a discovery. I simply said it was interesting
and needed looking into. I asked SSD to help me make an analysis, and
see if it was really a monopole. So, once again, I'm not a