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Re: starship-design: Re: No comments

Timothy van der Linden wrote:
> Kyle
> >>Well, you owe us a message as soon as your magnetic monopole definately
> >>turns out to be a fake or a hit.
> >>
> >Since the magnetic lines aren't broken, I suppose its not a monopole. I
> >preffer not to call it a fake, as that would imply that I tried to fool
> >people, and make me look stupid. I simply call it a failed expiriment.
> >It does put out all north fields (outside), but if this doesn't count as
> >monopolar, I give up.
> Doesn't sound like you at all...

Well, no one listened to my monopole idea (not just SSD, but many
others). Even if it is a monopole, what's it worth if no one will give
me a chance? The people where I'm at won't even talk to me once I say

> Oh, I wondered, you wrote that the other group appreciates your input
> better. What does that mean concretely?

Theoretical ideas. There are some private outfits that support
theoretical research better than the scientific community. When I first
joined SSD, I thought theory was accepted with open arms, as LeRC did. I
was wrong.

Steve told me that the reason no one had accepted AG/ZPE ideas was
because they hadn't been proven. I now know the reason: The scientific
community doesn't give them a chance to prove their ideas. I'm not going
to argue over this, since I have all the evidence I need. Its called
firsthand expirience.

Kyle Mcallister